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What makes a paint environmentally friendly?

All water-based paint contains VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These compounds are found in many products. They give off a vapour that has a nasty smell and can be harmful to our breathing, our eyes, cause nausea, headaches and in severe cases liver and kidney problems. According to the European standards, an environmentally friendly paint should contain little or no VOC. Harlequin Paints is one of a few companies in South Africa who conform to these very high standards in their paints and varnish range.

Why bother?

  • With Harlequin Paints you can be sure of no risk to your health when applying paint in your home, office or child’s room. Even hospitals are ideal places to use Harlequin Paints.
  • You can move back into your room the same day as there are no smelly gasses to irritate or affect your health.
  • At no extra cost you can have a quality paint to protect your surfaces and do your bit for the environment.
  • It is a generally unknown fact that water based paints contain solvents. Most solvents contain 100% VOC. Be aware of paint brands that say “low odour”. These paints may still contain a high level of VOC. The manufacturers have selected VOC that do not have a noticeable scent, yet are still hazardous.
  • So, if you care about your family, and you care about the environment you live in, you now have a choice. Use it wisely.


At Harlequin Paints we recycle all our used paint cans and buckets. All our daily refuse is sorted accordingly into paper , plastic , tin and glass. We buy recycled paper for the office where possible and when used it is shredded and used for packaging. Any over runs of paint are given to local charities once a year.

We will continue to find ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Our aim is to inspire and encourage people to be as passionate about paint and the environment as we are. Choose your colour…… it will always be green.

Not just your average paint company