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Q: I have a pine cot that I would like to give a lime washed effect too. What products of yours can I use?

A: Firstly the cot must be raw, meaning free from all varnish etc. Then you would use our Harlequins wood wash in lime white. You apply this directly to the raw wood as per the instructions on the container. Once dry approx 4 hours you can then apply 2 x coats of our furniture varnish in gloss or suede . All our products are environmentally friendly and completely safe for use on children and babies furniture.

Q: I have a cupboard which I want to paint in a French antique blue colour how do I do this.

A: We need to know what paint is on the cupboard at the moment. If its oil based paint then it will need  to be sanded and then 1 x coat of Harlequins universal multi primer ( HUMP) applied to the surface. Always make sure there is no flaking paint before applying the HUMP.

Next apply 2 x coats of our Provencal furniture paint in the colour Provencal blue. Allow enough drying time between coats. Then apply 1 x coat of  Harlequins Provencal antique liquid. Application of this product is explained on the tin. The Antique liquid will “dirty” the Provencal blue giving an aged effect.

Once you have the look you want and the surface is dry. Apply 2 x coats of Harlequins furniture varnish in either the gloss or suede to protect it.

Q: I have some outdoor furniture that is looking tired and weather beaten what product do you have that will brighten it and protect it from the sun.

A: If its weather beaten chances are there is little or no varnish left on the furniture. Therefore sand the surface to remove any varnish or paint just to be sure.

To brighten the wood I suggest using one of our exterior varnishes in a colour. We have bone white, forest green, dark redwood, to name a few. Apply 2 to 3 coats of the exterior varnish allowing 4 hours drying between coats. Also sand lightly using 180-grit sandpaper between coats to get a nice smooth finish. Harlequin’s exterior varnish contains UV inhibitors, which protect your furniture from the sun.

Q: I have an old mirror frame I want to make an old gold colour how do I do this?

A: You have two options. One is to paint the mirror frame using our metallic gold paint. First you would have to sand the surface and if it was previously painted apply Harlequins Universal Multi primer (HUMP) to the surface. This will bond to the mirror frame and allow you to now paint it. You will need to apply 2 – 3 coats of Metallica Antique gold.

The other option is to “gild” the frame which looks more professional but takes a bit more time. Once again you would need to sand the surface and apply the HUMP is the frame is not in a water based paint. Once you have applied the HUMP you would then apply 2 x coats of our washable matt paint in simply red. Red is a good base for gold leaf as it helps the gold look as true as possible. Once the red is dry you apply Harlequins gold size x 1 coat and allow to dry. Once dry it turns clear but is still “tacky”

Now apply Harlequins Gold leaf using a brush with the tip dipped in Vaseline. This is to prevent you from handling it too much. The Vaseline sticks to the gold leaf allowing you to lift it. You can cover the frame haphazardly as cracks in it add to the look. Once complete you will need to seal it using Harlequins Shellac. The shellac comes in crystal for which you dilute using Methylated spirits until you have dissolved the crystals. You apply one coat and it will dry quickly. You can apply 3 – 4 coats to give you a good protective layer.