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Warm Up Your Winter with Harlequin Paints!

Hello Harlequin Paints Family, As the chilly winds of winter settle in, we're here to brighten your days with some exciting updates and innovative products from our environmentally friendly paint company nestled in picturesque Cape Town. So, grab your paintbrushes and let's add a splash of colour to this cozy season!

Easy Seal

Winter-proof your projects with our Easy Seal water-based sealers – the ultimate solution for all your sealing needs! Whether it's protecting your floors from muddy boots or giving your furniture a fresh coat, our gloss, suede, and matt finishes offer unbeatable durability. And cleanup? A breeze, thanks to the water-based formula. Let's make winter painting hassle-free and fun!

Harlequin Easy Seal Range

Water vs. Oil

Curious about the differences between water-based sealers and oil-based varnishes? Allow us to shed some light! While water-based sealers adapt to temperature and humidity changes, allowing your wood to move and flex, oil-based varnishes can become rigid, leading to cracks and splits, allowing water and moisture into the wood. Paint failure. Stick with the flexibility of water-based for a finish that withstands the winter chill!

Oil-based varnishes cracks and spolits
water-based finish

Scorch Paste

Introducing Scorch Paste – your ticket to creating mesmerizing patterns with the flick of a heat gun! Whether it's wood, cardboard, or fabric, this magical paste adds a touch of uniqueness to your creations. Just apply a stencil or decal to your chosen project, apply the scorch paste to the exposed areas and let the heat gun transform your surfaces with stunning, realistic branding effects on furniture and small objects to personalize your projects

Scorch paste packaging
Scorch Paste finshed product

With these exciting updates and products, we're here to make your winter painting endeavors as joyful and colourful as possible. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and winter wonders from Harlequin Paints!

Warmest Regards,

The Harlequin Team

Paint Today, Sleep tonight.

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