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Brrr-illiant Winter DIY for Your South African Home: Embrace the Cosy!

South Africa, winter is coming! But fear not, fellow Saffas, because this doesn't have to be a season of shivering and sky-high electricity bills (This is of course if Eskom plays ball). Let's embrace the cosy vibes and tackle some fun DIY projects that'll make your home a warm and inviting haven.

Trending Colour Splash:

Harlequin’s Mineral Paint with its “Paint today, sleep tonight’ ethos is the ideal paint to create the perfect colour tones for your walls and furniture. Check out our luxurious ‘Colour Library’ colour chart knowing that the paint is not only safe for you and your family, but it also contains no VOC and manufactured using only natural minerals.

· Earthy Warmth: Create a nature-inspired sanctuary with colours like our rich “Mandela's Legacy” (bold yet calming green) and "Karoo Khaki" (a light, smoky green hue). These inviting tones create a sense of calmness and connection to nature, perfect for those long winter evenings.

· Jewel-Toned Opulence: Feeling fancy? Experiment with jewel tones like "Twilight Blush" (a stunning pink) or "Lion's Gold" (a deep, rich, and luxurious Gold). These colours add a touch of drama and sophistication, making your home feel like an all-encompassing winter sunset.

DIY Delights to Keep the Chill at Bay:

· The Great mould Detective: No need for Sherlock Holmes here! Grab a detective hat (optional) and a flashlight to hunt down black mould spoors on your ceilings and walls. Grab your Harlequin Anti-Mould paint and get sealing those mould growth areas. Bathrooms are the worst so check there first and it comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Tones for Tots: With the Rains rolling in, this only means the kids will be confined to the indoors. So why not let them help redecorate their rooms in a way that truly reflects their personality. All of Harlequins paints are Water based, Easy to clean and Eco friendly with Zero VOC. What does this mean? Well, it means that your kids can get creative while you rest easy knowing they will be safe and sound releasing their inner Picasso.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget the power of soft lighting! String fairy lights or place lamps with warm yellow bulbs around your home for a magical, inviting ambience.

Winter is all about embracing the warmth within. With a splash of colour, some clever DIY projects, and a focus on cosy touches, your South African home will be the perfect winter escape!

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