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Harlequin Hues That Steal the Show: Top Social Media Posts of 2023

Calling all colour chameleons and DIY devotees! As the year winds down and we prepare to paint 2024 with vibrant brushstrokes, let's take a moment to celebrate the Harlequin hues that dominated social media in 2023. From captivating captures to trendy tutorials, here's a rewind of the top Harlequin paint posts that set the online world ablaze: Harlequin Paints Top 5 Posts

1. The Most Satisfying: Spinning round and round! with are most viewed (251K viewed) and liked (471) reel post. showing some behind the scenes factory action, where each colour is tried and test until we get the perfect hues for you. what do you think? (Click the Picture to view the reel)

We are almost there, Time to spin into the weekend

2. Our Story: Up next is Harlequins origin story, we love how much all our follows loved to hear about how Harlequin Paints came to be and what makes us so special and unique. Nearly 3 decades of innovating and manufacturing what we believe to be the best quality water based and environmentally friendly paint products. See how our story began! Click the picture to find out more...

Harlequin Paints origin story

3. Mineral Paint: Pulling through in a strong 3rd place, with no surprise here. a sneak peak at our new product Mineral paint colours. ( Releasing in January 2024) Inspired by the pallet of Africa her self. Mineral Paint is your all in one, all natural mineral ingredient, eco friendly, water based paint, that delivers a super easy application and the highest of quality finish. Perfect for both walls and furniture.

Mineral Paints Colour selection

4. We love to hear from our Followers: Harlequin Paints is not just a DIY paint specialist! We like to feel like we are the peoples choice when it comes to painting, sealing or DIY'ing their home. That's why we actively go out and ask what you, the public want to see more and do what we can to make your suggestions a reality. Be it naming a new colour or suggesting a new product line.

We listen to our followers

5. 5,6,7,8 and the rest: Mineral Paint is our new and most exciting product that has yet to be dropped on our beautiful shores. First in South Africa and finally a product that is not only environmentally friendly and water based but your all in one, do it all, DIY dream paint! I mean just look at these colours and tell me your heart doesn't beat with pride for our incredible country!

Kalahari Oasis: This refreshing and invigorating blue shade is reminiscent of the cool oasis found amidst the arid Kalahari Desert, symbolizing rejuvenation, tranquillity and the beauty of contrasts.
Mandela's Legacy: Named after the iconic Nelson Mandela, this  timeless and dignified shade represents his  enduring legacy of peace, equality, and the fight against injustice.
Unity Glow: A vibrant and energetic yellow shade that captures the pulsating rhythm and infectious energy of African music, symbolising joy, celebrations and the spirit of togetherness.
Dusty Days: This soft and earthy shade reflects the subtle beauty and timeless allure of the karoo's dusty landscape, evoking a sense of nostalgia, simplicity and authenticity.

But wait, there's more! As the curtain closes on 2023, we're just getting warmed up. To stay ahead of the curve and be the first to witness the exciting new product launches we have in store for 2024, head over to our Instagram page (@harlequin_paints) right now! Get ready to be dazzled by fresh colour palettes, innovative product lines, and endless DIY inspiration.

So, here's to the year that was, and to the vibrant year that's to come. Let's keep painting the world with joy, one Harlequin hue at a time!

P.S. Don't forget to tag us in your Harlequin creations on Instagram using #Harlequinpaints. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Remember, the new year is your canvas, and Harlequin paints are your vibrant brushstrokes. Happy painting!

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