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Harlequin’s Vintage Furniture Paint is an easy to use, no primer required paint that has been designed to be applied over old, new, unwanted or unloved furniture. Whether it be a table, chair, cupboard or even a full kitchen.

Once dry, apply the Vintage Antique Varnish, this will create a realistic aged affect to your chosen piece of furniture or paint project. The darker and more aged you want the piece to look, the more coats of the Vintage Antique Varnish you apply.

The Vintage Antique Varnish is a heat and water resistant finish.  For best results apply two to three coats.  Not recommended for outside use.

Vintage Furniture Paint

  • 1 Litre

  • Baguette, Celestial, Delf, Jolie Blonde, Leaf Shadow, Mon-Ecru, Old White, Vanille

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