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Harlequin Paints: Unveiling the latest wonder in environmentally friendly paint, produced in Cape Town, South Africa. Mineral Paint.

We at Harlequin Paints are proud to launch our new versatile, luxuriously matt, environmentally friendly, water-based paint. With nearly three decades of experience, we are an award winning, environmentally ethical paint company.

We are calling it Mineral Paint as it is as natural as it comes, with colours that take inspiration from all that South Africa has to offer in nature.

Virtually odour and VOC free you can” paint today and sleep tonight”.

Suitable for the DIY enthusiasts, right through to the professional Interior Decorators and Designers, and anyone who holds style, luxury, and kindness to the environment close to their hearts. Everyone will enjoy the stylish and dead flat finish that is entirely durable and wipeable.

What is Mineral Paint?

Forget synthetic formulas and embrace the power of nature! Mineral Paint is crafted from natural minerals. This means they have not been altered or manipulated in any way. Straight from the earth. This results in a paint that's not only gentle on your nose (say goodbye to harsh fumes!), but also kind to the planet.

What can Mineral Paint be used for?

  • Creating stunning interiors and exteriors. On your interior walls use neutral colour schemes or be brave with exquisite accent wall colours. There are plenty of tempting shades. It is so versatile; you can use it outdoors too.

  • Don’t let your creative juices stop there. You can revamp tired kitchen cabinets and old furniture to give them some Mineral magic but remember to always prep appropriately. Once dry, apply a sealer from Harlequin’s Easy Seal range, for additional durability.

What's the difference between Mineral Paint and Chalk Paint?

Both Mineral Paint and chalk paints are darlings of the DIY world, but there are subtle differences:

● Composition: Mineral paint boasts natural minerals, while chalk paint relies on calcium carbonate (think, crushed chalk!).

● Finish: Mineral paint offers a velvety matte finish, while chalk paint tends to be more powdery and textured.

● Versatility: Mineral Paint is specifically designed for walls, where chalk paint is only usually used on furniture.

Now here's the fun part:

Harlequin Paints manufacturers and distributes Mineral Paint in South Africa. So, if you're itching to get your hands (and brushes) on this unique product, head straight to Harlequin’s Showroom or better yet, order from the comfort of your own home with our newly created online store (Click here). You can also purchase mini pots of colour to help you find your perfect shade before you commit to your chosen colour. Or get your hands on one of our hand painted ‘Colour Library’ colour charts. Trust us, the vibrant palette and luxurious feel will have you saying, ‘Mineral paint is my go-to’, in no time!

So, dear readers, are you ready to unleash your inner artist and embrace the mineral movement? We in the DIY blogosphere, certainly are! Let's paint South Africa one stunning brushstroke at a time, with nature's own touch of beauty – Mineral Paint by Harlequin Paints.

P.S. Don't forget to share your Mineral Paint masterpieces with us! Tag us on social media with #harlequinpaints and let's celebrate the magic together!

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